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Numbers cannot be changed, the grouping has been made according to the Teams you provided during your registration.

Riders must respect the traffic laws in force when they go from one special test to another.

puce fleche petiteThursday 7 June 2018

10.00 AM-8.00 PM: administrative check (event hall Georges Frêche – Place du foirail).
1.00 PM-8.00 PM: technical inspection. Riders, an anti-theft lock is required, don’t forget to take one with you and lock it when you put your bike in the closed park.


12.00: Lunch at the event hall Georges Frêche, open to all, 10 € per person. Menu: starters + Aligot (mashed potatoes with cheese) and sausage + pancake.
Price: 10 €.
With your meal, you will have a raffle ticket that will allow you to win:

  • A place for the Trèfle Lozérien AMV 2019
  • A bag
  • A helmet
  • A motorcycle maintenance pack
  • An Ipone sweatshirt

Throughout the afternoon, “IMPro le Galion” will sell pancakes in front of the event hall, Place du Foirail.
The profits of these 2 actions will be donated to the League Against Cancer.


puce fleche petiteFRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018: Gorges du Tarn “Monta Davala” Circuit (253 km)

  • Start place du foirail : 8.00 AM
  • SP1 Les Crottes (banded) 08.25 AM
  • SP2 La Malène (on road) 10.00 AM
  • SP3 Le Massegros (banded) 11.25 AM
  • SP4 Les Laubies (banded) 3.20 PM
  • SP5 MENDE LA VABRE Lauze Boissons Michelin (banded) 4.40 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS points

Processionary caterpillars are numerous this year in the Tarn canyon, we invite riders to wear neckerchiefs and to carry an antihistamine treatment, cortisone, in case of allergy.


puce fleche petiteSATURDAY 9 JUNE 2018: Gévaudan Aubrac Circuit (218 km)

  • Start place du foirail : 8.00 AM
  • SP1 Saint Amans (banded) 9.30 AM
  • SP2 Le Mazel (banded) 10.00 AM
  • SP3 Saint Alban sur Limagole (in group) 11.15 AM
  • SP4 Tiracols – Prunières (banded) 11.40 AM
  • SP5 MENDE LA VABRE Lauze Boissons Michelin (banded) 3.20 PM
  • Freestyle BMX show place du foirail : 6.30 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS points

Electro/House party and the event hall Georges Frêche, place du foirail:
with Sébastien B. , Stef Rt and Oksana Foxx from 10.00 PM to 3.00 AM
Price : 6 €


puce fleche petiteSUNDAY 4 JUNE: Gorges du Tarn Circuit

  • Start place du foirail : 7.30 AM (L’ordre de départ est inversé le dimanche, les gros numéros partent en premier)
  • SP1 La Viale (banded) 8.30 AM
  • SP2 L’estample (banded) 10.00 AM
  • SP3 Malecombe (banded) 10.30 AM
  • SP4 Malmont (banded) 11.45 AM
  • SP5 MENDE LA VABRE Lauze Boissons Michelin (banded) 1.30 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS points
  • 10.00 AM to 12.00: stunt show of the MCL motorcycle school.
  • 4.30 – 5.00 PM : Electro party, Mix of Stef Rt on the Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons / Michelin test (free show)
  • 5.30 PM : THIERRY CASTAN TROPHY at Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons / Michelin (final cross race with the 30 first winners on the overall ranking – free show)

Throughout the afternoon, demonstrations of Freestyle BMX by Vincent Massardier and his troupe


  • As of 8.00 PM: Award ceremony at the municipal theatre in Mende place du foirail (open to all – free entrance)
  • 20h30 : Buffet (for volunteers, riders and their assistants)
  • As of 11.00 PM: Closing evening at the municipal theatre (open to all – free entrance)


To view maps, GPS points, HC and detailed routes, use the links below:

puce flecheFriday 8 june 2018 :  Gorges du Tarn circuit

puce flecheSaturday 9 june 2018 : Gévaudan Aubrac circuit

puce flecheSunday 10 june 2018 : Margeride circuit


puce fleche petiteUSEFUL INFO:

The race HQ, the start, the finish and paddock A (official teams) are located at the place du foirail.

Paddock B is located of the halle Saint Jean parking (follow the roadsigns).

Paddock C is located on the Mirandol stadium (follow the roadsigns).

Do not undertake any mechanics around the Place du Foirail, you have 1.30 to clock, use the paddocks.

The race HQ is located in the event hall Georges Frêche, place du foirail, 48000 Mende.

Please respect the instructions for paddocks and car parks.

The Michelin workshop truck will not be present this year on the paddock, please bring your tires and bibs.




Photo credits : Jean François Salles, René Veyssade, Mathieu Talayssat, Julian Suau, Damien Astruc, Christophe Paris, KTM Images, Red Bull.

Thanks to all the clubs that helped us organize this 32nd Trèfle Lozérien AMV:
MC Moto Verte Haute Lozère (Langogne), MC Chanac, MC de la Colagne (Chirac), MC d’Aumont, MC de Saint-Chély-d’Apcher.

The success of the event is the result of the commitment of more than 300 volunteers. Thank you all.


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