A new show !

A new show!

The Trèfle Lozérien AMV goes forward. This 33rd edition is once again outstanding, bringing together an impressive crew of enduro world champions and hundreds of authentic amateurs, who came to share three riding days in the Lozerian landscapes.

Reading the list of participants is a dream in itself! Over more than 600 participants in this 33rd edition of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV, enduro fans will not fail to spot the incredible number of titled riders in the World Championship Enduro, SuperEnduro, Trial … 16 pilots have already not far from 50 titles, all categories combined. This is undoubtedly what makes this off-road calendar event incomparable and unique: the ability to gather as many top pilots and authentic fans, still numerous to register via the website one evening in January . Likewise last year, the Trèfle Lozérien AMV 2019 counts for the WESS Championship (World Enduro Super Series), and some riders have just arrived from the first round (in Portugal) of this series, while others stop in Lozère between two events of the Enduro GP World Championship … And then we see the faithful and experienced tricolor riders who dream of winning a victory at the Trèfle Lozérien AMV or to repeat the performance.

Uneasy forecast

Among the throne pretenders, there are of course those who have already shone on lozerian land such as Theo Espinasse (Sherco Factory Racing), who scored an impressive 2nd place in 2018, or Jeremy Tarroux, winner in 2017. Injured last year, the Sherco Factory Racing pilot trained recently again… and got the France championship leadership at the same time! He also scored in the last Grappe de Cyrano race. No doubt that Jamie Mc Canney (Yamaha Racing Outsiders), vice world champion 2018 E1, 2nd Trèfle Lozérien AMV 2017, 3rd in the Grappe de Cyrano this year, gained up experience on this type of race and will be a serious candidate for victory. Josep Garcia (Red Bull Factory Racing KTM) did not come for figuration either. 3rd in 2018, the young and fiery Spaniard is able to win, especially since he now knows the field. Acclaimed at his recent victory at the Spain GP, Giacomo Redondi (Husqvarna) is also a rider to follow. Experienced riders like Christophe Nambotin (GasGas), victorious at Mende in 2012, and teammates of the Deux roues Yamaha Bonneton team Emmanuel Albepart and Julien Gauthier still have a playing card. Johnny Aubert (GasGas), winner in 2016, unfortunately is not part of the fight: he got injured Thursday at the training … The five-time world champion Antoine Meo will ride as usual, for the pleasure for the public, but will not fail to spice up challenges! In short, it is a hell of a show, specific to the Trèfle, with a staff of champions, old and young, faithful, specialists and hundreds of amateurs, who will be present at the start, this Friday 17 May, from the first race day…

A dive in the Tarn river canyon

As of 8 am, riders will start on the mythical Tarn river canyon circuit, heading to De la Caze Castle, accessible only every three years. This descent provides magnificent views. The passage of the first pilot in the SP1 is announced for 10 am at the banded race at Bousiges. Followed by a special lined, then two other banded races before the traditional special Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi as of 5 pm. A little rain is foreseen in the area in the afternoon … See you on Friday evening for the results, the day’s report and the riders’ reactions.

FRIDAY 17 May 2019: Tarn river canyon circuit “Monta Davala” (266 km)

  • Start at Mende Foirail 8.00 AM
  • HC1 Florac 9.30 AM
  • SP1 Bousiges (banded) 10.05 AM
  • HC2 Boisset 10.40 AM
  • HC3 La Malène 12.50 PM
  • SP2 La Lavagne Marie Balmaguier (line) 1.00 PM
  • SP3 Mas de Donat (banded) 2.00 PM
  • HC4 Conques aerodrome 3.20 PM
  • SP4 Nojarède (banded) 3.45 PM
  • HC5 Mende La Vabre 5.10 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 5.00 PM

SATURDAY 18 May 2019: Margeride Circuit (267 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 8.00 AM
  • SP1 Carrefour de la Pierre Plantée (banded) 9.00 AM
  • HC1 Le Bleymard 10.00 AM
  • SP2 Mont Lozère (banded) 10.10 AM
  • HC2 Villefort 11.40 AM
  • SP3 Planchan (banded) 12.00
  • HC3 L’habitarelle 2.30 PM
  • SP4 Tartaronne (banded) 3.00 PM
  • HC4 Mende La Vabre 4.40 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 4.30 PM

Electro party at the event hall Georges Frêche, place du Foirail:             
with Sébastien B. from 10.00 PM to 3.00 AM     
Price : 8 €

SUNDAY 19 May 2019: Gévaudan Aubrac Circuit (186 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 7.30 AM
  • SP1 Mas Pouget Saint Gal (banded) 8.10 AM
  • HC1 Serverette 9.00 AM
  • SP2 Serverette (banded) 8.45 AM
  • SP3 Rimeizenc (line) 9.30 AM
  • HC2 La Rouvière 10.50 AM
  • SP4 Chausserans (banded) 11.50 AM
  • HC3 Mende La Vabre 12.30 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 1.20 PM
  • MCL motorcycle school stunt show.
  • 5.00 PM : THIERRY CASTAN TROPHY at Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin GIVI (final cross race with the 30 first winners on the overall ranking
  • As of 8.00 PM: Award ceremony at the municipal theatre in Mende Place du Foirail (open to all – free entrance)
  • 8.30 PM : Buffet (for volunteers, riders and their assistants)
  • As of 10.00 PM: Closing evening party at the municipal theatre (open to all – free entrance) 

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Race website : www.trefle-lozerien-amv.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/TrefleLozerienAMV

Instagram : @treflelozerienamv

Twitter : @Trefle_Lozerien

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