Josep Garcia wins the first day of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV

The Spanish Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider won 4 of the 5 races this first day, which crossed the legendary Tarn river canyon circuit at a hellish pace. Jamie McCanney and Nathan Watson complete closely this international podium.

The 600 participants of the 33rd edition of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV took the start this Friday morning under the rain. On the program, 266 km through the large midmountain plateaus and the Tarn river canyon, as well as the famous descent of the De la Caze Castle. As of the first race, the top riders in Enduro GP and WESS set the tone on a ground that quickly became greasy and slippery with endless showers. In the SP1, Team Yamaha Outsiders Briton Jamie Mc Canney wins the race, ahead of Nathan Watson (Red Bull Factory Racing KTM) and Jeremy Tarroux (Sherco Racing Factory), the first Frenchman barely aheads the Spaniard Josep Garcia (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing). Jeremy Miroir (Sherco Academy) closes the march of this first day’s top 5. In the second race, a lined special, Josep Garcia puts everyone in agreement with a French tricolor quartet of Gauthier (Yamaha Bonneton 2roues), Tarroux, Nambotin (GasGas) and Albepart (Yamaha Bonneton 2 roues).

Garcia all on his own

The 22-year-old Spaniard will not be worried for the rest of the day, winning all the other races. No doubt that Josep Garcia, 3rd in the 2018 edition of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV, has assimilated the subtleties of the Lozerian race. In the SP3, he outruns Nathan Watson by 4 seconds, while Julien Gauthier snatches the 3rd time, ahead of Jamie McCanney and Théo Espinasse, best Junior of the day. The hierarchy is confirmed in the SP4, where Josep Garcia slams a new record, ahead of Jamie McCanney, Nathan Watson, Jeremy Tarroux and Christophe Nambotin, who returns in the race after a bad day’s start (tumble). In the Mende la Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi SP5, a repeated  victory of Josep Garcia, two seconds faster than Nathan Watson and Jamie McCanney. Also to note the 6th place in this last banded race of Antoine Meo, who started number 200.

A 100% international podium

Josep Garcia takes the lead in the Trèfle Lozérien ranking, followed by Nathan Watson and Jamie Mc Canney. A 100% international podium never seen before in the history of the Trèfle! Other surprise of the day, the 20 seconds difference between the 1st and the 2nd, after only 5 specials. Many pilots admitted that the pace was very strong. Josep Garcia will enter the second day with a very comfortable lead. On the other hand, the gaps are small between Nathan Watson, Jamie McCanney, Jérémy Tarroux, first French of this provisional ranking, and Julien Gauthier.

Top ten

  1. GARCIA Josep 00:21:45.147
  2. WATSON Nathan 00:22:05.711(+ 20,564)
  3. MCCANNEY Jamie 00:22:08.315 (+23,168)
  4. TARROUX Jeremy 00:22:10.928 (+25,781)
  5. GAUTHIER Julien 00:22:14.218 (+29,071)
  6. MIROIR Jérémy 00:22:27.361 (+42,214)
  7. ESPINASSE Theo 00:22:33.546 (+48,399)
  8. ALBEPART Emmanuel 00:22:34.284 (+49,137)
  9. NAMBOTIN Christophe 00:22:37.079 (+51,932)
  10. WALKER Johnny 00:22:40.582 (+55,435)


Statements :

Christophe Meyer Team Manager Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

“We arrived only Monday in Mende, after the WESS race in Portugal, and started the recon on Tuesday. Nathan received his new bike Wednesday … We were not very well prepared. Suffice to say that the result of this first day suits us! Josep dominated the day and his lead is important. However, there are two days left, meaning ten specials, and he will have to confirm. I think Nathan will be fast tomorrow Saturday, he will have his new machine under control. “

Josep Garcia, 1st in the provisional ranking

“I couldn’t hope for a better score under these conditions. Having a small number this year certainly made a big difference in my driving style, and I felt able to show my real speed. The wet grass was slippery, but I never made a major mistake and stayed pretty much all day on two wheels. I have a good lead, but I know that one mistake can change everything tomorrow. So there is no reason to relax for the moment. “

Jordan Curvalle, Team Manager Sherco Racing Factory

“The day was difficult. Theo, number 2, had the task of opening all the races, while Jérémy, absent last year, started from far beyond. The greasy ground uneased their task. But we must admit that it rides very fast in front, and that Josep Garcia flew through the day. He has already taken a serious option on the victory. However, Jérémy is still in the race for a place on the podium, the gaps between the 2nd and 3rd are not significant. “

Jérémy Tarroux, 4th of the provisional

“Josep Garcia was really ahead of the flock today. I gave my best under these greasy conditions, which are not really my favorites, and I will continue to fight tomorrow for a place on the podium. “


Towards the Margeride

Better weather conditions are expected for the second day of the race. Saturday counts 251 km, through granite balls and flowering broom on the high plateaus of the Margeride. Five specials are on the program, with a return to Mende as of 4.30 pm.

SATURDAY 18 May 2019: Margeride Circuit (267 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 8.00 AM
  • SP1 Carrefour de la Pierre Plantée (banded) 9.00 AM
  • HC1 Le Bleymard 10.00 AM
  • SP2 Mont Lozère (banded) 10.10 AM
  • HC2 Villefort 11.40 AM
  • SP3 Planchan (banded) 12.00
  • HC3 L’habitarelle 2.30 PM
  • SP4 Tartaronne (banded) 3.00 PM
  • HC4 Mende La Vabre 4.40 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 4.30 PM

Electro party at the event hall Georges Frêche, place du Foirail:             
with Sébastien B. as of 10.00 PM to 3.00 AM     
Price : 8 €

Press info and partners :

Christophe Paris

Tel : 06 07 48 11 88


Race website :

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Instagram : @treflelozerienamv

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