Josep Garcia’s new victory at the Trèfle Lozérien AMV

After the overwhelming victory of Josep Garcia the first day, the French riders Julien Gauthier and Jérémy Tarroux returned in the race, however unable to contain the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider, who wins this second day and consolidates his lead.


This Saturday, the Lozerian Moto-Club took the competitors on the 251 km Margeride circuit, milestoned with 5 specials. Less rain than the day before, but with cold, fog, height on the Mount Lozère side and very slippery banded races! After an overwhelming domination on Friday of a trio from Spain and Great Britain, the French have returned to the forefront. Have they been stung by Friday’s performance of their foreign opponents? Still, the Frenchies rectified the shot on this second day of the race. From the first race, Jérémy Tarroux (Sherco Racing Factory) sticks to Josep Garcia (Red Bull Factory Racing KTM) and leaves him less than a second, likewise Jérémy Miroir (Sherco Academy) and Julien Gauthier (Yamaha Bonneton 2 roues). Théo Espinasse (Sherco Racing Factory) is 5th in this first stage, pushing  McCanney (Yamaha Outsiders Racing) and Watson (Red Bull Factory KTM Racing) to 6th and 7th place.

In the second special of the day, Julien Gauthier snatches the best time to the Spanish leader. If Watson is third in the SP2, the gaps with the followers are lower than the previous day between the first 5 to 6 pilots. McCanney wins in the 3rd banded race, followed less than a second by a very offensive Julien Gauthier. Jérémy Tarroux is once again in the top three. Signing a very good “Trèfle”, Jeremy Miroir unfortunately throws in the towel upon mechanical damage at the end of this special where he got stuck for long minutes. Josep Garcia wins his second time of the day in the SP4, but Julien Gauthier and Jérémy Tarroux are on his heels less than a second.


Towards an unprecedented victory?

At the start of the 5th special Mende la Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi, Julien Gauthier is virtually at the head of this second day of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV, ahead of Jérémy Tarroux and Josep Garcia. But only for 3 seconds … The leader of the provisional takes the advantage on this last race of the day, filling his gap on Gauthier. Josep Garcia wins the second day of the Trèfle Lozérien, ahead of Gauthier and Tarroux. Meanwhile, today’s loser is Nathan Watson, 2nd Friday, who jumps to 5th place. Jamie McCanney is 2nd more than 30 seconds behind Garcia, and Jérémy Tarroux climbs onto the podium. With such a capital, Josep Garcia is on track to put his name on the list of winners of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV, which would be a first in the history of this event which has always been won by French since its creation in 1986. The gaps are small between the 2nd and 5th pilot of the provisional (about 2 seconds), the fight for places of honor looks intense!


Saturday’s top ten

1 GARCIA Josep 00:20:01.240

2 GAUTHIER Julien 00:20:04.174 (+2,934)

3 TARROUX Jérémy 00:20:07.434  (+6,194)

4 MCCANNEY Jamie 00:20:08.194 (+6,954)

5 WATSON Nathan 00:20:13.049  (+11,809)

6 ALBEPART Emmanuel 00:20:27.766 (+26,526)

7 NAMBOTIN Christophe 00:20:30.336 (+29,096)

8 ESPINASSE Théo 00:20:32.402 (31,162)

9 WOOTTON Joseph Vernon 00:20:38.005 (+36,765)

10 WALKER Jonny 00:20:49.243 (+48,003)


The provisional top ten

1 GARCIA Josep 00:41:46.387

2 MCCANNEY Jamie 00:42:16.509 (+30,122)

3 TARROUX Jérémy 00:42:18.362 (+31,975)

4 GAUTHIER Julien 00:42:18.392 (+32,005)

5 WATSON Nathan 00:42:18.760 (32,373)

6 ALBEPART Emmanuel 00:43:02.050 (+1:15.663)

7 ESPINASSE Théo 00:43:05.948 (+1:19.561)

8 NAMBOTIN Christophe 00:43:07.415 (+1:21.028)

9 WALKER Jonny 00:43:29.825 (+1:43.438)

10 WOOTTON Joseph Vernon 00:43:31.580 (+1:45.193)




Josep Garcia, 1st of the provisional score:

“The French riders were very fast today in the rain and I had to make great efforts to stay in touch. During the last special, a lot of guys waited because of the rain, so I started, I went almost first and I gave the maximum. I pushed the limits everywhere, so much so that I tumbled – but luckily it was after the finish line! In the end, I managed to win this special for almost six seconds and move from third to first place. It’s another big day tomorrow – we showed today that anything can happen, so I’ll continue to attack, special after special. “


Jordan Curvalle, Team Sherco Racing Factory Manager:

“Jérémy rode well today, as evidenced by his rise in the provisional in 3rd position. But when we look at the gaps, they are 4 to fight for 2nd place, and we will have to be strong tomorrow and avoid mistakes to achieve this goal. Théo made some mistakes and fell. Sunday, he will have to contain Nambotin and why not get the 6th place. We had a pretty straining day, with cold, fog, rain, and greasy specials. “


Towards the Aubrac

Sunday the riders will leave from 7:30 am of the Foirail in reverse order. They will explore the Gévaudan Aubrac circuit, including 186 km and as always 5 specials, not to mention the Thierry Castan Trophy gathering the top 30 in the overall ranking. Rain is expected again.


SUNDAY 19 May 2019: Gévaudan Aubrac Circuit (186 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 7.30 AM
  • SP1 Mas Pouget Saint Gal (banded) 8.10 AM
  • HC1 Serverette 9.00 AM
  • SP2 Serverette (banded) 8.45 AM
  • SP3 Rimeizenc (line) 9.30 AM
  • HC2 La Rouvière 10.50 AM
  • SP4 Chausserans (banded) 11.50 AM
  • HC3 Mende La Vabre 12.30 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 1.20 PM
  • MCL motorcycle school stunt show.
  • 5.00 PM : THIERRY CASTAN TROPHY at Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin GIVI (final cross race with the 30 first winners on the overall ranking)
  • As of 8.00 PM: Award ceremony at the municipal theatre in Mende Place du Foirail (open to all – free entrance)
  • 8.30 PM : Buffet (for volunteers, riders and their assistants)
  • As of 10.00 PM: Closing evening party at the municipal theatre (open to all – free entrance) 


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