Michelin, new associated partner !

We are pleased to welcome Michelin as associated partner.

The company from Clermont Ferrand had been on the event for several years via a tool station on the paddock and had a special in its name. From 2018, the assembly station will no longer be present, but Michelin confirms and reinforces its support by integrating the closed club of associated partners..

Sur Trèfle Lozérien AMV

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Inscriptions Trèfle Lozérien AMV

New registrations on saturday 29th may !

Following the withdrawals related to the change of date of the Trèfle Lozérien AMV which …

Confirmations, cancellations and reallocations of entries

Pilots who have not yet indicated whether they want to maintain or cancel their registration …

Riders, confirm or cancel your registration before may 28

Due to the fact of that the event is postponed on july 2, 3, 4 …

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