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Find all the circuit maps, tests, schedules, meeting points, the list of riders, the regulations and all useful info on our website.

Numbers cannot be changed, the grouping has been made according to the Teams you provided during your registration.


puce fleche petite THURSDAY 16 May 2019

Fellow riders, an unloading zone has been made available at the paddock entrance, thank you for respecting it and please do not remain parked, the Foirail paddock is reserved for official teams only.

You may use Paddock B (Halle Saint Jean) and Paddock C (Mirandol stadium)

10.00 AM – 8.00 PM: admin check (event hall George Frêche – Place du Foirail)

1.00 PM – 8.00 PM: technical inspection


12.00 – 2.30 PM: Lunch at the event hall Georges Frêche, open to all, 10 € per person. Menu: starters + veal stew + cheese + dessert.

Throughout the afternoon, “IMPro Le Galion” will sell pancakes in front on the George Frêche event hall, Place du Foirail.

All profits will be donated to the League Against Cancer.


HC = Check points
RAV = Gas refuel

puce fleche petiteFRIDAY 17 May 2019: Tarn river canyon circuit “Monta Davala” (266 km)

  • Start at Mende Foirail 8.00 AM
  • HC1 Florac 9.30 AM
  • SP1 Bousiges (banded) 10.05 AM
  • HC2 Boisset 10.40 AM
  • HC3 La Malène 12.50 PM
  • SP2 La Lavagne Marie Balmaguier (line) 1.00 PM
  • SP3 Mas de Donat (banded) 2.00 PM
  • HC4 Conques aerodrome 3.20 PM
  • SP4 Nojarède (banded) 3.45 PM
  • HC5 Mende La Vabre 5.10 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 5.00 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS coordinates


puce fleche petiteSATURDAY 18 May 2019: Margeride Circuit (267 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 8.00 AM
  • SP1 Carrefour de la Pierre Plantée (banded) 9.00 AM
  • HC1 Le Bleymard 10.00 AM
  • SP2 Mont Lozère (banded) 10.10 AM
  • HC2 Villefort 11.40 AM
  • SP3 Planchan (banded) 12.00
  • HC3 L’habitarelle 2.30 PM
  • SP4 Tartaronne (banded) 3.00 PM
  • HC4 Mende La Vabre 4.40 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 4.30 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS coordinates

Electro party at the event hall Georges Frêche, place du Foirail: 
with Sébastien B. from 10.00 PM to 3.00 AM
Price : 8 €


puce fleche petiteSUNDAY 19 May 2019: Gévaudan Aubrac Circuit (186 km)

  • Start Mende Foirail 7.30 AM
  • SP1 Mas Pouget Saint Gal (banded) 8.10 AM
  • HC1 Serverette 9.00 AM
  • SP2 Serverette (banded) 8.45 AM
  • SP3 Rimeizenc (line) 9.30 AM
  • HC2 La Rouvière 10.50 AM
  • SP4 Chausserans (banded) 11.50 AM
  • HC3 Mende La Vabre 12.30 PM
  • SP5 Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin Givi (banded) 1.20 PM
  • See the circuit map, the HC and GPS coordinates
  • MCL motorcycle school stunt show.
  • 5.00 PM : THIERRY CASTAN TROPHY at Mende La Vabre Lauze Boissons Michelin GIVI (final cross race with the 30 first winners on the overall ranking)
  • As of 8.00 PM: Award ceremony at the municipal theatre in Mende Place du Foirail (open to all – free entrance)
  • 8.30 PM : Buffet (for volunteers, riders and their assistants)
  • As of 10.00 PM: Closing evening party at the municipal theatre (open to all – free entrance) 


puce fleche petiteUSEFUL INFO:

  • The race HQ, the start, the finish and paddock A (official teams) are located at the Place du Foirail.
  • Paddock B is located of the halle Saint Jean parking (follow the roadsigns).
  • Paddock C is located on the Mirandol Stadium (follow the roadsigns).
  • Do not undertake any mechanics around the Place du Foirail, you have 1.30 to clock, use exclusively the paddocks.
  • The race HQ is located in the event hall Georges Frêche, place du foirail, 48000 Mende.
  • Please respect the instructions for paddocks and car parks.
  • We remind you that you must comply to the local traffic regulations (always wear helmets, security equipment, do not take streets countertrafficwise, do not ride on sidewalks, respect the speed limit)
  • The Michelin workshop truck will not be present this year on the paddock, please bring your tires and bibs.


puce fleche petitePADDOCK AND CAR PARKS MAPS




Download the program in pdf, maps, riders’ list, schedules and entertainments..


Photo credits: Jean François Salles, René Veyssade, Mathieu Talayssat, Julian Suau, Damien Astruc, Christophe Paris, KTM Images, Red Bull.

Thanks to all the clubs that helped us organize this 33rd Trèfle Lozérien AMV:
MC Moto Verte Haute Lozère (Langogne), MC Chanac, MC de la Colagne (Chirac), MC d’Aumont, MC de Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, MC Florac, MC du Valdonnez, MC du Massegros.

The success of the event is the result of the commitment of more than 300 volunteers. Thank you all.

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